Wiesbaden International is a forum which aims to enable all children and adolescents in this city to gain first-hand experience of other countries, regardless of their personal backgrounds.

Basic democratic values such as participation, involvement, equal opportunities and citywide collaboration among different professional groups, as well as voluntary work, are key factors for creating an open and tolerant attitude throughout the city. Collaboration is based on mutual appreciation and the clarification of critical issues, taking into account the free democratic basic order of the constitution and human rights.

The opening up of city administrations, local organisations and associations internationally as part of our organisational development is perceived positively in a globalised world, and in a Europe where countries are forming closer connections.

Support for children and adolescents includes international youth work, which is incorporated in the law of the Federal Republic of Germany in the Social Code book VIII (children and youth welfare act). The support offered by international youth work is oriented to the interests and needs of young people and is designed and assisted by educational specialists.

Organisation, Projects and CooperationJanuary 2020

In Wiesbaden, the municipal international youth work body, the “Wiesbaden worldwide” network and the “Wiesbaden International” steering group work closely together.


The municipal body advises mainly institutions and organisations on issues relating to international youth work, such as organisation, searching for partners, third-party funding acquisition and programme content design. It informs the network about current developments, incorporates ideas from the network and offers needs-oriented further training.


The cooperation network between organizations in the field of youth work, school social work, youth employment support and parent support, covers topics which enable participation in international programs. The network meetings are held up to three times a year. Currently, the network consists of 26 local institutions.


The steering group is an interdisciplinary network, with colleagues from international youth work institutions that operate across Germany, colleagues from the social services department and from the office for municipal international relations. Here, local, federal and international developments in international youth work are discussed in order to strengthen Wiesbaden International and to develop its strategy.

The patron of Wiesbaden International Peter Bartholomäus


He encourages people to pursue new paths and to combine the familiar with the unfamiliar, from adolescents from different countries and workers in different areas of industry to regional and international exchange fora. Herr Bartholomäus inspires us to also consider new forms of encounter!


International youth work is voluntary, and takes place in people’s free time, usually outside of school or their training program. International youth work is supported by educational specialists and is professionally planned.

Different formats are offered, such as youth encounters, work camps, voluntary work and work placements abroad. Adolescents and young adults can take part either individually or as a group. The formats can last from one week to a whole year.

Adolescents acquire important skills, further develop their personality, strengthen their self-confidence and work to help others. They are encouraged to develop a sense of responsibility and social participation, and are supported in shaping their own lives, in which global influences play an important role.

Focal topic areas such as

  • Sustainability & environment
  • Learning about democracy
  • Art and culture (theatre, literature, music)
  • Sports

can be introduced by the adolescents, developed in cooperation with the international partner or consciously used as a framework for encounters.

The encounters between the adolescents are accompanied by specialist discussions covering the entire range of child and adolescent support, and which helps city administrations, associations and other bodies to open themselves up to other countries. In a globalized world, and in a Europe where relationships between different countries are becoming closer, this is of great importance.

“Experience gained abroad promotes tolerance - the ability to accept people as they are, without prejudice.”


Funding for international youth work in Germany and Europe can be divided into three areas. First, there are public funds (third-party funds/support funds), usually from the children and youth plan of the Federal Government or the European ERASMUS+ programme.

Private foundations, donors and sponsors are another source of funds. The third source is the collection of funds through activities of the project organisers, such as participant contributions or other income.

The biggest ongoing funding programmes for international youth work are the children and youth plan of the Federal Government and the EU ERASMUS+ YOUTH in Action programme.

The City of Wiesbaden offers an additional budget on a permanent basis for international youth work, in order to enable all children and adolescents to participate in international programmes, regardless of their financial situation.



Conny Meyne

Public relations political lobbying, participation in federal committees

Amt für Soziale Arbeit,
Abteilung Jugendarbeit wi&you

Konradinerallee 11
65189 Wiesbaden
Tel: +49 611 – 31 54 67

Anne Decker

Advice for independent sponsors, team member qualification, internationalisation of training programmes

Amt für Soziale Arbeit,
Abteilung Jugendarbeit wi&you

Konradinerallee 11
65189 Wiesbaden
Tel: +49 611 – 31 32 55

Philipp Hanusch

Advice for municipal district centres for children and adolescents, coordination of the Wiesbaden Worldwide network, networking at federal state level, acquisition of third-party funds

Amt für Soziale Arbeit,
Abteilung Jugendarbeit wi&you

Konradinerallee 11
65189 Wiesbaden
Tel: +49 611 – 31 35 19