Not that long ago, Wiesbaden became my temporary home, and after exploring the city for a month, I would like to share 3 of my favorite places that I highly recommend visiting if you are new here. 

  1. The first thing I loved about Wiesbaden was nature. There are a lot of beautiful parks, but my top place to go on a sunny day is ​​Kurpark. Located in the city’s center, right behind the Kurhaus, it is surprisingly rarely crowded and presents gorgeous landscapes to visitors. There is a lovely lake in the middle, where you can rent a boat to enjoy the views, a fountain and a lot of perfectly green grass to spend hours with friends.
    I don’t have many friends here yet, so I usually go to Kurpark with a book to hide from the world in the trees for some hours.
  2. The second thing that is special about Wiesbaden is architecture. I was stunned by the old buildings from various epochs, such as Marktkirche, built in a neo-gothic style. The red-brick church conquered my heart with its almost 100 meters height, interior details, and the Walcker Organ. Located in the very center of Wiesbaden, it’s the tallest building in the city and, for sure, worth a look. A big weekly market on the Marktplatz nearby provides a rich assortment of seasonal vegetables, fruits, and more. Moreover, the place where Marktkirche is located hosts many charming cafes and international restaurants, where one can grab a coffee, ice cream, or a delicious lunch of any cuisine. 
  3. As I’ve already described, I am a big fan of nature, and this is why my third favorite place in Wiesbaden is Neroberg. The word “berg” in German means the mountain, so basically, the place is a hill with a forest and a breathtaking view of the whole city from the top. One can observe Wiesbaden and even partly see the roofs of the closest city, Mainz. 

It is not a surprise for any resident of Wiesbaden that you can hear and see airplanes in the sky quite often due to the close location of the Frankfurt airport. When I was on the top of Neroberg, I felt so close to the airplanes passing by that I could likely touch them with my fingertips.
Every touristic website would recommend taking a Nerobergbahn, which is undoubtedly attractive and beneficial to the town’s economy. As a Ukrainian, I especially appreciated funicular’s decoration of Ukrainian flags, which one can often see in the city. Every time I see supporting symbols of Ukraine in Wiesbaden, my heart is torn with gratitude to the locals and the city administration.
But as a young person with a limited budget and a willingness to step, I recommend climbing to the hilltop on foot. After this challenging exercise, I believe that people appreciate the view from the top much more.
In addition to that, I realized that Neroberg sets a trendy place to go on a date. I’ve noticed a lot of young and old couples there, and this is pretty understandable with such a romantic view Neroberg has to offer.

Even though impermanent, life in Wiesbaden is a pleasure. The city is comfortable for living, simple for navigation, and captivating for the eye. I am convinced there are much more places I am about to discover in Wiesbaden that are worth recommending. But these three will forever take a special place in my soul.